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Processing of seeds buy. | Plant nutrition
  • Processing of seeds buy. | Plant nutrition

Processing of seeds buy. | Plant nutrition

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

New development of agricultural association-drug NANOMIX-concentrated chelate microfertilizer complex bio-stimulants. The technology of its production, based on the effect of hydrodynamic cavitation Rotary pulse jet action (Patent No. 22997, 40030) has significantly improved the quality of the product and the beneficial impact on its pricing. The effectiveness of NANOMIKSa has been confirmed by numerous studies of scientific institutions and agricultural firms of Ukraine.

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THE RELEVANCE OF THE ISSUE.The critical importance of plant nutrition the missing microelements in soil is well recognized in international practice and is questionable. Trace elements, like vitamins, provide the essential metabolic processes of intracellular metabolism. Without them no enzymes, no oxidation processes stop photosynthesis education sugar and protein substances. Without them, life is impossible!

Soil sample analysis in Ukraine, Russia and Baltic countries shows that the content of some essential trace elements of land exploitation in recent years has diminished in the tens-hundreds of times! Against this background, the effect of the application of traditional makroudobrenij (NPK) repeatedly crashes.

Declining soil fertility has become a global threat. Biomass crops at 60-80% is not returned in the cycling of nutrients in this landscape.

Humus content in the famous Ukrainian chernozem fell by a quarter: an average annual loss of 0.62 t/ha. Nearly 1.5 million. HA Ukrainian lands are in urgent need of restoring fertility and 625000 ha of the former topsoil irrevocably lost for agriculture. Today Ukraine has retained less than one per cent of the land, whose fertility is maintained at the proper level!

Even in the United States 55% of once fertile land is suitable for agriculture. In Europe the figure even higher, and he grows dramatically!

To sinister "Act of declining soil fertility", formulated in 1798 by English scientist father Thomas Mal′tusom, have not found confirmation in Ukraine urgently needs tightening measures to ensure reproduction of soil fertility by regular soil "Organics" and use harmless chelated microelement of third generation products, the duodenal all surface plants.

In addition, a significant number of climate change in the regions of Ukraine party sharply continental, extremity weather conditions reduced crop yields in recent years, many traditional crops require the development of adaptogenic products that enhance plant resistance to adverse external shocks.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 16.07.2018
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